Adrian Favell

Miyako Ishiuchi

Yokohama Museum of Art

February 2018

In this retrospective of the influential photographer Miyako Ishiuchi, her most famous work is left for the end: the series “ひ ろ し ま / hiroshima,” 2007–, vivid color stills of clothing and relics of victims of the 1945 bombing. A delicate … READ ON


Enoki Chu

White Rainbow

April 2015

Japanese artist Enoki Chu’s London debut includes forty cast-iron replicas of AK-47 (Kalashnikov) and AR-15 (Colt) machine guns, lined up like samples in the boutique windows of this gallery (AK-47/AR-15", 2000–03). Inside, there is also a … READ ON


Yukinori Yanagi

Miyake Fine Art

December 2013

Japanese neo-Pop pioneer Yukinori Yanagi has had relatively low international visibility in recent years. After his definitive return to Japan from New York in 2000, his work took on an altogether different scale, both temporally and spatially,… READ ON



Ikon Gallery

August 2013

Berlin-based global rover Shimabuku has long been recognized in his native Japan as a pioneer of social and relational art. This first extensive international retrospective offers a satisfying overview of his gently humorous musings on everyday… READ ON


Tadasu Takamine

Art Tower Mito

January 2013

Observers of Japanese contemporary art often complain about its apparent lack of political content. The combined tsunami and nuclear disasters of March 2011 have begun to change this; “Tadasu Takamine’s Cool Japan” is perhaps the best-realized… READ ON


Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2012

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2012

August 2012

A year and a half after the Tohoku earthquake in Japan, art director Fram Kitagawa’s vision of an art treasure hunt set in the bucolic but run-down villages, rice fields, mountains, and river valleys of this remote northern province is more… READ ON


Kohei Nawa

August 2011

Although Kohei Nawa is still under forty, the Kyoto-based sculptor’s elegant experimental minimalism is well known in Japan. Globally, though, its another story. This comprehensive sampling of his work at Tokyo’s premier contemporary art … READ ON


“The Group 1965 - We Are Boys!”

June 2011

The Group 1965, aka Showa 40 Nen Kai, occupies a central place in Japanese contemporary art, although the six-man collective is largely unknown in the West. The group’s name absurdly evokes the banal fact that the members were all born in … READ ON


Marina Kappos

April 2011

Artist Marina Kappos, now based in Brooklyn, was born and bred in LA. She returns home with this exhibition, a follow up to her well-received 2008 show “Politicus,” which reflected pictorially on the Obama election. “Peep Show” reveals the … READ ON


Polixeni Papapetrou

June 2010

Under pressure both from a media scandal over previous work featuring her daughter and from a growing legal reluctance worldwide to allow photos of children to be displayed in public, photographer Polixeni Papapetrou has found a new way to … READ ON