Adriana Rispoli

Delia Gonzalez


December 2017

In her second solo show in this Neapolitan space, Delia Gonzalez firmly maintains the infrastructure of her artistic dynamic: the electronic music, the dance floor, the boundary between the personal and the universal, and a language that … READ ON


Tadashi Kawamata

Made in Cloister

June 2017

Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata has created a large-scale rhizomatic installation—organic and invitingly habitable—for this very distinctive sixteenth-century cloister, repurposed after years of decay as the main point of departure for a … READ ON


Louise Bourgeois

Studio Trisorio Napoli

May 2017

The world of Louise Bourgeois, made up of obsessions, subconscious paranoias, and imaginary monsters, is halfway between mythology and verisimilitude—an unstable equilibrium between emotionality and rationality. The tangle of ideas and spirit… READ ON


Irma Blank


March 2017

Irma Blank’s works—whether on paper or canvas, large or small—assert themselves in this Apollonian space invaded by light. “Life Line” includes fifteen pieces from her “Radical Writings” series, 1983–95, and three new works from “Global … READ ON