Alessandra Pioselli

Anita Leisz

Norma Mangione Gallery

December 2017

Anita Leisz’s work by turns evokes a visual unity and highlights the nature of its construction from disparate elements. One piece, composed of two galvanized-iron cylinders (all works Untitled and 2017), is the only on view that clearly … READ ON


José Parlá

December 2017

José Parlá’s personal grand tour of Italy extended north to south through seven cities—Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Matera, Bari, and Lecce—whose urban plans reveal profound differences in land, politics, and culture. The route was echoed … READ ON

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Adrian Paci

June 2017

Adrian Paci’s exhibition “The People Are Missing” was orchestrated on two different registers: Immersive installations were constructed alongside a selection of photographs and videos of found materials. Four works presented a narrative that… READ ON

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Andrea Sala

Federica Schiavo Gallery | Milan

April 2017

Along the gallery’s walls Andrea Sala has installed reproductions of simple hand-operated tools at the height of a work surface in pieces titled Maglio (Mallet), Tasso (Stake), Rotaia (Rail), Suola (Sole), Tacco (Heel), and Tappo (Stopper) … READ ON


Claudia Losi

April 2017

Sphere of Influence, 2017, installed in the gallery’s first room, perfectly captured the themes broached by this exhibition. The work is a photographic print of a fertilized egg, taken from a scientific publication, in which the artist has … READ ON

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Karla Black

Galleria Raffaella Cortese | Via Stradella 7, Galleria Raffaella Cortese | Via Stradella 7

January 2017

Conceived specifically for the spaces of the gallery, this show presents new works by Karla Black made primarily of cotton wool. Orchestrated as variations on a theme, these soft, sensual, and delicate abstract works first hide, then quietly… READ ON


Lynda Benglis

Thomas Brambilla

January 2017

“Benglis and the Baroque,” Lynda Benglis’s first solo show in Italy, highlights the artist’s long-standing interest in the period in question. The sinuousness of seventeenth-century sculpture, along with the Baroque enthusiasm for artifice,… READ ON


Giulio Turcato

Galleria Milano

December 2016

This show—which focuses on Giulio Turcato’s “Superfici lunari” (Lunar Surfaces) and “Tranquillanti” (Tranquilizers), two series emblematic of his 1960s production—reveals the nuances in a body of surprisingly poetic work that alternates … READ ON


Sabrina Mezzaqui and Paolo Novelli

October 2016

There is no clear purpose in hand-drawing ornamental motifs, yet in her I quaderni di Adriano (Hadrian’s Notebooks), 2016, Sabrina Mezzaqui has exhaustively reproduced the decorative scheme of a mosaic floor. Turning the pages of the twenty… READ ON

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July 2016

The artist duo Alis/Filliol have always interrogated the meaning of making sculpture, dragging the medium beyond its confines and thinking of it as a magmatic form in transformation, the result of repeated manipulations. Their latest … READ ON