Anthony Vidler


September 2017

Curated by Antonio Sergio Bessa and Jessamyn Fiore This exhibition promises to explore dimensions of Matta-Clark only touched on in previous retrospectives, homing in on his architectural projects of the 1970s. The artist adopted the sobriquet… READ ON


Zaha Hadid

June 2016

I FIRST MET ZAHA in London in 1976. I was a visiting critic in Elia Zenghelis and Rem Koolhaas’s studio at the Architectural Association, and I was asked to set a mini-exercise connected to my work on eighteenth-century utopias. I presented… READ ON

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September 2012

A generation ago, it was “The Machine” that let architects down—tomorrow or the day after it will be “The Computer,” or Cybernetics or Topology.  —Reyner Banham, “Stocktaking 1960”  TODAY, ARCHITECTURE has apparently been revolutionized by … READ ON

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December 2011

Ten scholars, critics, writers, and artists choose the year’s outstanding titles.  SVETLANA ALPERS  Imagine that you are listening to a spirited conversation between a French art historian and a German painter. De Rouget and Daimler, as they… READ ON

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Gordon Matta-Clark

May 2007

THE ALL-TOO-BRIEF, mercurial career of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978) has attracted increasing interest over the past ten years. Thanks to monographic studies by Pamela M. Lee and Corinne Diserens, published in 2000 and 2003, respectively, … READ ON

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March 2004

Finding inspiration in jellyfish and geopolitics, architects today are working within radically new frames of reference.… READ ON

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Deconstructivist architecture in 2003

December 2003

IN 1988, when the Museum of Modern Art mounted the “Deconstructivist Architecture” show, curated by Philip Johnson and Mark Wigley, the seven architects assembled beneath this ambiguous banner— Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Rem … READ ON

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Anthony Vidler on Dia:Beacon

September 2003

THE RECENTLY OPENED DIA:BEACON, its permanent collection installed in galleries inside a converted box factory, is by all accounts a major success. Despite the obvious gaps in the collection, tied to the vicissitudes of the last twenty years… READ ON

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Anthony Vidler on Gordon Matta-Clark

June 2003

THE “DILEMMAS” OF Gordon Matta-Clark, to cite the title of Liza Bear’s celebrated 1976 interview with the artist, were not entirely of his own making. They were more the result of an increasingly specialized world of art criticism and practice,… READ ON

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1988: “Deconstructivist Architecture”

April 2003

“DECONSTRUCTIVIST ARCHITECTURE,” curated by Philip Johnson and Mark Wigley, opened at the Museum of Modern Art in June 1988. It seemed at first sight to be a heterogeneous affair, cobbled together from drawings and models of the mostly unbuilt… READ ON

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