Christianna Bonin


Haus Lange and Haus Esters Museums

November 2017

As the Yugoslavian political regime liberalized in the aftermath of World War II, breaking from the Eastern Bloc, so too did the region’s artists. The group EXAT 51 (Experimental Studio 51) is a product of those years, when abstraction replaced… READ ON


Yuri Palmin

Astana Contemporary Art Center

August 2017

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, a plethora of images have emerged that both decontextualize Soviet buildings as otherworldly objects and evoke the USSR’s demise through its architectural legacy in ruins. Yuri Palmin’s large-scale … READ ON




July 2017

Sever-7, an artist collective named after the 1955 Soviet expedition to the Arctic, consists of both alumni of and educators at Saint Petersburg’s academies who came together four years ago to sidestep institutional parameters. Though earlier… READ ON


“The Thaw”

The State Tretyakov Gallery

June 2017

Though this institution maintains an extraordinary collection of postrevolutionary Russian art, it did not begin the year as many such museums outside of the country did—with an exhibition marking the centenary of the violent, utopian Russian… READ ON


“Transpositions II: How We Find Our Way to Transcendental Homelessness”

Museum of Nonconformist Art

March 2017

Many artists move through the contemporary art world as nomads, partaking in a burgeoning global infrastructure of short-term artist-in-residence programs. Have such programs produced this transient identity? Or is it post-Wende globalization… READ ON


Neue Slowenische Kunst

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

November 2016

A ferocious noise assaults visitors on the top floor of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. It stems from a film in which men in gray uniforms shout fragments of speeches by Tito and Mussolini while wartime imagery flickers behind them. … READ ON