David Muenzer

Barak Zemer

Night Gallery

February 2018

While the photographs that make up “Transit,” Barak Zemer’s first exhibition at this gallery, are descriptive of people and things, their heavily structured compositions—both as individual images and within the group of pictures—trouble a … READ ON


f. marquespenteado

Freedman Fitzpatrick

September 2017

The seemingly disparate mediums that comprise f. marquespenteado’s current exhibition, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”—collage, textile, and painting—seem to commune without hierarchy. In the press release, the artist describes a fictional … READ ON


Rey Akdogan

Rey Akdogan discusses her show at Hannah Hoffman Gallery in Los Angeles

August 2017

Rey Akdogan’s works touch on invisible standards and everyday objects, such as crash rails, in order to mine emotional reactions and systemic analysis. The latest exhibition of concise gestures by the New York–based artist is on view at Hannah… READ ON



Greene Naftali Gallery

July 2017

In Paul Wegener’s 1925 silent film Der Golem, the titular construction comes to life when a magic word, written on paper, is inserted into the clay creature’s chest. Gelatin’s exhibition “New York Golem” takes consecrated insertion to an … READ ON


Camille Blatrix

Bad Reputation

June 2017

The three small dyed-resin and metal sculptures that anchor Camille Blatrix’s current exhibition call to mind the injection-molded parts that find their way into modern households as light switches, plugs, or routers. But each of the artist’s… READ ON


Joe Goode

Joe Goode on his life and work in Los Angeles

April 2017

Joe Goode’s deadpan images of milk bottles, suburban homes, open skies, forest fires, water, and smog are included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Menil Collection… READ ON



Ch‚teau Shatto

January 2017

A faceted crystal paperweight with engraved letters spelling out the dates and title of this exhibition sits atop a stack of pink, marbleized stationery. Arp-like but ultimately practical marks—part of a printed map of the gallery—are visible… READ ON


Paul Sietsema

Matthew Marks Gallery | 1062 N Orange Grove

October 2016

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” asks the New York Times job listing in Paul Sietsema’s ink-and-enamel drawing Vertical newspaper (thin green line), 2016, with some letters obscured by an unctuous mark. That white enamel is materially… READ ON


“In the Cut”

Gallery Luisotti

September 2016

“In the Cut” presents photographs by five artists that assume a documentary interest despite the liquidated descriptive powers of photography today. Take Lisa Ohlweiler’s seemingly factual photographs, for instance: Untitled, 2010, pictures… READ ON


Sam Gilliam

David Kordansky Gallery

June 2016

Are Sam Gilliam’s paintings improvisations, meticulously structured formalism, ethereal attempts at going beyond substance, social objects inextricably embedded in political struggles, or all of the above? The works in his current show, … READ ON