Duncan Wooldridge

Stan Douglas

Victoria Miro Gallery | Mayfair

December 2017

The digital image file can be an object of a newly assembled and complex truth, an artifact prone to faults and error: Beyond conventional reportage, the postdocumentary photographies of artists have increasingly addressed how a picture might… READ ON


“Everything we see could also be otherwise (My sweet little lamb)”

The Showroom

October 2017

The exterior of this gallery is covered in scaffolding with large, dark sheets of canvas hanging from the bars. But the space is not under renovation—this is a work by Oscar Murillo called The Institute of Reconciliation, 2017. On the scaffold’s… READ ON


“We have the weights, we have the measures”


July 2017

The daily maintenance of territory is symbolic, and it is perpetuated through distinct tools: from defensive structures and emblems of protection, including spiked fences and nationalistic monuments, to bureaucratic and ritualistic systems … READ ON


Vincenzo Agnetti

LÚvy Gorvy | London

April 2017

London has been reevaluating what it knows about the Italian neo-avant-garde of late: Exhibitions of Claudio Parmiggiani, Irma Blank, Emilio Isgró, and Vincenzo Agnetti at this space have revealed the depth of postwar Italian art histories.… READ ON


Christopher Williams

David Zwirner | London

April 2017

Christopher Williams’s recent exhibitions have been prefaced by open letters. Sometimes addressed to the models participating in his images, the letters act as a strategy that cuts across intimate dialogues and public debate, unveiling … READ ON


Nathan Coley


March 2017

Nathan Coley has a long-developed interest in value systems and how they shape the logics of space. Design, belief, and culture are addressed in his current show here, where he brings together the ascetic and soon-to-be-extinct Shakers, Islam,… READ ON