Eliel Jones

Flo Brooks

CUBITT Gallery | Studios | Education

December 2017

Flo Brooks’s sextet of acrylic paintings here is rendered with precise strokes in bright colors. The artist depicts himself and his parents in the middle of sundry familial activities. You feel like a voyeur running your eyes over these … READ ON


Terre Thaemlitz

Auto Italia South East

October 2017

Stepping into the darkness of trans artist Terre Thaemlitz’s electroacoustic audio-video installation here, Interstices, 2000–03, one hears a calm and assertive voice describing a dick slowly penetrating someone’s butt. With each inch, we … READ ON


Justin Fitzpatrick


July 2017

Justin Fitzpatrick knows how to toy with perception—not just in the way that we see a thing, but also with how we might approach it in the first place. Flowing between three rooms, the paintings and sculptures in this exhibition turn living… READ ON


Evelyn Taocheng Wang


May 2017

Having trained in China, the Netherlands, and Germany, Evelyn Taocheng Wang’s first solo exhibition in London vacillates between the East and the West. Drawings and videos are placed on walls and display units painted a soothing shade of … READ ON


Ann Craven

Southard Reid

May 2017

Beware, if you’re not a big fan of cute animals: Ann Craven’s current exhibition is chock-full of them, nearly twenty years’ worth. Pandas, birds, cats, and deer, among other critters, are rendered with soft, clean, and precise strokes. The… READ ON


“The problem with having a body / is that it always needs to be somewhere”

The Approach

May 2017

This exhibition, curated by Nora Heidorn, brings together eight artists, seven of whom are women. Proposing convergences and common lines across generations and practices, the works shown here attempt to capture and sometimes contain the … READ ON


Ghislaine Leung

Cell Project Space

March 2017

Ghislaine Leung’s current exhibition presents sound, videos, and sculptures among a variety of vinyl texts installed on ten large glass panels. The pieces all bleed into one another: Sounds become textual in their ability to lead the imaginary;… READ ON