Elisa R. Linn

Michael E. Smith


October 2017

Michael E. Smith’s third solo exhibition at this gallery features a stuffed Macaw parrot hanging upside down (Untitled, 2017) in a dimly lit space with a green laser pointer mercilessly beaming onto the creature’s left eye every second. The… READ ON


Michel Majerus

Michel Majerus Estate

June 2017

The title of this exhibition, “Laboratory for appraising the apparent”—the first of a three-part show at the artist’s former studio space—is appropriated from a quote Michel Majerus once wrote down in a notebook. The phrase simultaneously … READ ON


Kaspar Müller

Galerie Francesca Pia

November 2016

Hordes of bikes of various styles and from different eras, some broken and some roadworthy but all untitled and from 2016, stand or lean against the wall as if wrongly parked or forgotten in Kaspar Müller’s second solo exhibition at this … READ ON


Amelie von Wulffen

Galerie Barbara Weiss

September 2016

In Amelie von Wulffen’s exhibition, homey table gatherings with borrowed motifs and eclectic styles, ranging from historical genre painting and modernism to faux-naïf, turn out to be oppressive, almost duplicitous scenes. Appropriating a … READ ON