Franz Thalmair

“Quote / Unquote. Between Appropriation and Dialogue”

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT)

December 2017

In these times of discussing renewable energy, where better to house an exhibition on citation as artistic strategy—the recycling and recuperation of content, in other words—than a former power plant? As part of Lisbon’s Museum of Art, … READ ON


Toni Schmale


October 2017

At the end of a corridor, the work dipstation (all works 2017) provides the prelude to an exhibition in which today’s rituals around self-improvement take center stage. A slab of dark-gray concrete, mounted to the wall and sized to human … READ ON


Martin Beck

mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien

June 2017

What makes an exhibition? How do the individual elements come together, and how does new meaning unfold as a result? What praxis must a curator follow in order to deploy the “gestures of showing,” as described by Mieke Bal, so that they can… READ ON


Sonia Leimer

TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle Tirol

May 2017

When visitors step onto the white performance floor that Sonia Leimer has installed in “Autoterritorium”—a piece that extends via slender pathways right up to the walls, adding a second floor to the exhibition space—not only is their own … READ ON


Tatsuo Miyajima

SCAI The Bathhouse

April 2017

A permanent becoming—as opposed to an ultimate being—is a central theme in Tatsuo Miyajima’s latest exhibition, as high-flying as the topic may be. Throughout, Miyajima’s work elegantly conjures the river of time as the only constant. “LIFE… READ ON


Agatha Gothe-Snape

Mori Art Museum

March 2017

On the fifty-third floor of Mori Tower—the tallest building in the Roppongi district—to be unable to look out over Tokyo is agonizing. Agatha Gothe-Snape must have felt similarly when she conceived her exhibition for the almost windowless … READ ON


Juergen Teller

Blum & Poe | Tokyo

March 2017

What do Charlotte Rampling and William Eggleston have in common? Both can be found in this show of Juergen Teller’s large-format prints. Teller is also seen posing naked on the back of a donkey. In another image, Eggleston, with a cigarette… READ ON


Andreas Fogarasi

Georg Kargl Fine Arts

February 2017

Just how many exhibitions there are in this show, with the promising title “Exhibition/s,” is open to debate. On the other hand, that Andreas Fogarasi always addresses the functionality and logic of exhibiting in his own artistic practice, … READ ON


Hans Weigand

Gabriele Senn Galerie

February 2017

Like living creatures, the waves scurry over the surface of the sea—a viewer can hardly escape their delicacy. Like living creatures, these fleeting apparitions in Hans Weigand’s latest exhibition move through the gallery. Here, the artist … READ ON


Sterling Ruby

The Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy

August 2016

Gold leaf meets synthetic fiber, wood marquetry meets Formica, and steel meets oil paint: In the Winter Palace of the Belvedere, Sterling Ruby collides with the Late Baroque opulence marking the residence of Prince Eugene, field commander … READ ON