Fuck Theory

Shining Armory

The Shape of Things at Park Avenue Armory

January 2018 NEW YORK

THE PARK AVENUE ARMORY has two consistent modes: The first is to overwhelm; the second is to inspire a quiet conviction that you’re missing something amazing in another part of the building.  Both struck full-force recently during The Shape… READ ON


Arca Covenant

July 2017

AMONG THE PECULIARITIES of our current moment is an unprecedented willingness to give attractive, clearly male-presenting individuals radical gender points for wearing heels in public. That post-Butlerian zeitgeist certainly isn’t hurting … READ ON


Shock Waves: A Syllabus for the End Times

December 2016

A SYLLABUS FOR THE END TIMES  or, A Few Thoughts About Thinking at What Might Turn Out to Be the Beginning of the End of the World  Take a deep breath.  I mean it.  Take a deep breath.  Now exhale.  OK.  I’D LIKE TO START WITH A SIMPLE BUT … READ ON