Grace Beaumont

Andy Holden and Peter Holden


October 2017

Andy Holden has collaborated with his father, Peter Holden, a notable ornithologist, on an exhibition that explores their fascination with birds. Inhabiting two levels of a disused library, “Natural Selection” includes video installations, … READ ON


Benedict Drew

Whitechapel Gallery

July 2017

In his current exhibition, Benedict Drew visualizes the effects of a fallacious economic theory that favors the rich and powerful over the poor. His massive installation The Trickle-Down Syndrome, 2017, forms a network of five interconnecting… READ ON


Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart


December 2016

“Love Life: Act 1,” Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart’s new commission for PEER in conjunction with Grundy Art Gallery and the De La Warr Pavilion, will play out in three parts, the first beginning here. For this exhibition, the artists have … READ ON


Adam Basanta

Carroll / Fletcher

January 2016

In the downstairs area of this gallery are three new feedback-inflected sound pieces by the artist and experimental composer Adam Basanta. The first work encountered is The Loudest Sound in the Room Experienced Very Quietly, 2015. It features… READ ON


Roger Hiorns


June 2015

On view in Roger Hiorns’s latest exhibition are eleven small canvases, varying slightly in size and covered with brilliant blue copper sulfate crystals similar to those seen in Hiorns’s ambitious 2008 project Seizure. This untitled exhibition… READ ON


Pipilotti Rist

Hauser & Wirth London | Savile Row

December 2014

“Worry Will Vanish” is one of two exhibitions of Pipilotti Rist’s new video works presented by Hauser & Wirth, in London and Somerset. In this space, visitors enter the dimly lit gallery and are first encouraged to remove their shoes. It’s … READ ON


Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq

Hannah Barry Gallery

October 2014

Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq’s latest exhibition is a cold, dark cosmos of almost entirely monochrome new sculptures and works on paper. From afar, the graphite drawing BLACK HOLE IV, 2013–2014, appears to be a solid, gray orb, but up close it’s … READ ON


Charles Avery

Pilar Corrias

December 2013

A young woman with curly red hair and a sketchbook tucked under her arm puzzles over an artwork by Sigmar Polke. Three small children play beside Sol LeWitt’s Cubic Construction, 1971, poised to climb it at any moment, while a stressed security… READ ON


Bill Viola

Blain | Southern

July 2013

In the first room of Bill Viola’s latest museum-scale exhibition is the piece Chapel of Frustrated Actions and Futile Gestures, 2013, where unproductive scenarios are played out across nine horizontal wall-mounted screens that are arranged … READ ON


Keith Tyson

Pace Gallery | 6 Burlington Gardens

March 2013

Panta rhei, or “everything flows” in Ancient Greek, is a concept that refers to the world’s state of never-ending flux, and it is the title of Keith Tyson’s exhibition at Pace London. Here, in sixteen new paintings inspired by poetry, music,… READ ON