Janelle Zara

“The Basilisk”

Nicodim Gallery | Los Angeles

May 2017

Alexander Reben’s mesmerizing five-minute film Deeply Artificial Trees, 2017, is basically Bob Ross on acid: The beloved late painter’s brushstrokes lay down rapidly morphing images of happy little pines, scorpions, puppies, and sinister … READ ON


“Contre-cultures 1969–1989, l’esprit français”

La Maison Rouge

April 2017

Countering the French national motto of “liberté, egalité, fraternité,” this searing archive of nearly seven hundred works posits that freedom in France is not at all a given but rather some holy illusion looming in the distance, a “hypothesis… READ ON


Jonathas de Andrade

New Museum

February 2017

Fishing is a display of male sensuality that is supremely underrated. In Jonathas de Andrade’s thirty-eight-minute film O peixe (The Fish), 2016, the handsome protagonists are the ageless, chiseled fishermen of a coastal village in northeastern… READ ON


Vik Muniz

Galeria Nara Roesler | São Paulo

October 2016

Vik Muniz’s latest collages are a rare foray into lighthearted abstraction, with swaths of bright color, and textures produced by simple arts-and-crafts processes. Frames enclose sheets of paper that have been crumpled, torn, and layered; … READ ON


Chicago Hope

September 2016

The recently appointed 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial artistic directors, Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee—in contrast to their predecessors, Graham Foundation director Sarah Herda and international biennial curator Joseph Grima—are not … READ ON


Peter Alexander

Parrasch Heijnen Gallery

August 2016

This fifty-year survey of Peter Alexander’s resin works demonstrates how immaculately a synthetic material can distill natural phenomena into discrete objects—tall, vertical colored wedges that fade into transparency pay homage to the lightening… READ ON


Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin discusses his retrospective at the Hirshhorn and a piece at Chinati

July 2016

In 1970, Robert Irwin abandoned his studio. Rejecting conventions, he developed what he now calls site-conditional work—art created spontaneously in response to the myriad and minute details of an environment. His latest piece recently debuted… READ ON


Ed Bereal

Ed Bereal discusses his life and art

February 2016

In the 1960s, the Los Angeles art world’s detachment from the violent tumult of the Watts riots politicized Ed Bereal’s practice, propelling him toward a critical focus on multifarious forms of social inequality. He abandoned studio art in … READ ON


Lita Albuquerque

Lita Albuquerque talks about her two new exhibitions in Los Angeles

January 2016

For decades, the Los Angeles–based artist Lita Albuquerque has blurred distinctions between Land art and Light and Space on increasingly grander scales, whether it be building installations surrounding the pyramids in Egypt or placing sculptures… READ ON


Martial Raysse

Martial Raysse discusses his show at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice

May 2015

Following Martial Raysse’s recent retrospective at the Centre Pompidou, the first major monographic exhibition of his works outside of France since 1965 is currently installed at Venice’s Palazzo Grassi. Here the artist discusses his nearly… READ ON