Jeanne Gerrity

“An Idea of a Boundary”

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

November 2017

The title of this group exhibition derives from a passage in Ursula K. Le Guin’s science-fiction novel The Dispossessed (1974) describing a low, unassuming wall that acts as an absolute border between two planets. The ten artists featured … READ ON


Emily Wardill

Altman Siegel

June 2017

The title of the central work in Emily Wardill’s solo show here, I gave my love a cherry that had no stone, 2016, is a nod to the paradoxes that dominate the exhibition. Body and machine are indistinguishable. Past and future overlap. Absence… READ ON


Erica Deeman

June 2017

“And you are not the guy and still you fit the description because there is only one guy who is always the guy fitting the description,” Claudia Rankine repeats four times in Citizen: An American Lyric (2014) a narrative poem that grapples … READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2017 [TOC]

“The Grace Jones Project”

Museum of the African Diaspora

July 2016

“Grace Jones is everything I ever wanted to be as an artist . . . an experimental, progressive, avant-garde shapeshifter,” Xaviera Simmons asserts in one of this show’s wall labels. Contextualized by original album covers, fashion shoots, … READ ON


“Public Works: Artists’ Interventions 1970s–Now”

Mills College Art Museum

October 2015

In 1970, Bonnie Ora Sherk sat placidly in various locations around San Francisco. Her resultant “Sitting Still” series, 1970, small-scale performances that were at once personal and subtly political, is exemplary of this exhibition’s focus … READ ON


“Against Automatism”

fused space

August 2015

An astute visitor entering Fused Space—a two-year-old venue hosted by designer Yves Béhar and curated by dealer Jessica Silverman—might notice three small organic forms clinging to fluorescent lights like insects drawn to a glow. The tiny … READ ON


Shana Moulton

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

June 2015

A box containing a small Walkman-like plastic device emerges from a computer screen and into the hands of Shana Moulton’s anxious alter ego, Cynthia, in the video MindPlace ThoughtStream, 2014. This machine is the central element in the … READ ON