John Pluecker

Gabriel Martinez

Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston

January 2018

In Gabriel Martinez’s first solo museum exhibition, a polished veneer and meticulous structuring allow his beautiful objects to pass as Minimalist art––yet a deeper examination reveals biting commentary and sharp sociopolitical analyses of … READ ON


Héctor Zamora

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO)

November 2017

In “Re/Vuelta,” his first retrospective in Mexico, Héctor Zamora presents a selection of twenty-four works, including installations, architectural models, photographs, videos, a live performance, documentation of performances, and sculptures.… READ ON


“The One and the Many: A Self-Portrait in Seven Parts”

Project Row Houses

May 2015

With a quiet yet undeniable force, this exhibition provides the emotional sense of absence or yearning brought on by migration or displacement. Cuban-born artist Alexandre Arrechea exhibits three photos from his “Architectural Elements” series… READ ON


“The Progress of Love”

The Menil Collection

January 2013

“The Progress of Love” is a set of three distinct, concurrent exhibitions—held at the Menil Collection in Houston; the Center for Contemporary Arts in Lagos, Nigeria; and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts in Saint Louis—that investigate … READ ON


“It is what it is. Or is it?”

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

June 2012

Marcel Duchamp famously said that the readymade was “a form of denying the possibility of defining art”; in a similar way, this exhibition denies the possibility of narrowly defining the readymade. Nearly a century after Bicycle Wheel, 1913,… READ ON