Juliana Halpert

Farah Al Qasimi

Farah Al Qasimi discusses her show at Helena Anrather

December 2017

Among the thirteen photographs mounted in “More Good News,” the Emirati artist Farah Al Qasimi’s first solo exhibition in New York, are several portraits of men in their homes, reclining on ornately patterned couches or sitting on a bed. … READ ON


Cauleen Smith

Cauleen Smith discusses her collaborative work at Gallery TPW in Toronto

October 2017

The artist and filmmaker Cauleen Smith, who recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, rarely tethers her work to bare reality. Her latest film, Triangle Trade, 2017—made in collaboration with Canadian artists Jérôme Havre and Camille … READ ON


Tiona Nekkia McClodden

Tiona Nekkia McClodden on her work in “Speech/Acts”

September 2017

Based in Philadelphia, the artist and filmmaker Tiona Nekkia McClodden often formulates her work in response to lesser-known creative predecessors, pulling up the deeper roots of black American art, literature, and identity. The ten-part VHS… READ ON


Mike Mandel

Robert Mann Gallery

June 2017

The shared blunders of Richard Nixon and our current leader are obvious, but there’s one stark difference between the two presidents: Nixon, who loved classical music and reportedly wanted to throw liberals a bone during the Vietnam War, … READ ON


Eva O’Leary


April 2017

It’s getting old—young women and girls being appointed our go-to champions of bravery, pluck, solidarity, or whatever. If only all of us could be as unafraid as Fearless Girl, or as incomparable as Kendall Jenner in her desire to quench a … READ ON


Aidan Koch and Madeline Hollander


September 2016

The technofuturist aesthetic needs an update: Our visions of tomorrow still seem firmly tied to Jetsons-era stylings of burnished-metal robots and aerospace machines. For Drill (all works cited, 2016), Madeline Hollander shrewdly nods to … READ ON


Luke Murphy


February 2016

When Google debuted its new, sans-serif logo this past September, the tech giant tempered public disdain for its streamlined appearance by calling attention to one unassailable feature: The new design is just 305 bytes in size—tiny—and can … READ ON


Pacifico Silano

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York

December 2015

In the 1970s and ’80s, the Pictures artists reworked Marlboro ads, Hollywood-film motifs, Walker Evans photographs, and the front page of the New York Times. Their focus was the stuff of mass media, the images that couldn’t not be seen. This… READ ON


Simon Hantaļ

Paul Kasmin Gallery | 293 Tenth Avenue

October 2015

Simon Hantaï’s “Blancs,” created between 1973 and ’74 and on view for the first time in New York, are paragons of AbEx virtue. The six-, seven-, and eight-foot-tall paintings exemplify the Hungarian-born painter’s pliage method, which consisted… READ ON


“Common Thread”

Mixed Greens

August 2015

Thirty-two years ago, the Bauhaus-schooled artist and textile designer Anni Albers made Study for DO II, (1973), a shimmering mélange of small parallelograms and triangles. Colored in with shades of either silver or yellow gouache on blueprint… READ ON