Kate Green

Mona Hatoum

The Menil Collection, The Menil Collection

January 2018

The first survey of Beirut-born Mona Hatoum’s work in a United States museum in twenty years is revelatory and destabilizing. Curator Michelle White has organized more than twenty major sculptures and installations and dozens of smaller pieces… READ ON


Charles Gaines

Charles Gaines talks about his work in “Solidary & Solitary”

December 2017

Since the early 1970s, Charles Gaines has used the grid to interrogate the constructed nature of representation. His work is featured in “Solidary & Solitary: The Joyner/Giuffrida Collection,” a touring exhibition that historicizes how artists… READ ON


Rafa Esparza

Rafa Esparza talks about “Tierra. Sangre. Oro.” at Ballroom Marfa

November 2017

Born and based in Los Angeles, Rafa Esparza “browns” the white cube through performances that involve bodies—his own and those of his collaborators. Recently, Esparza has begun using adobe bricks—traditionally made by hand with clay soil and… READ ON


Nina Katchadourian

Blanton Museum of Art

May 2017

In 2012, Nina Katchadourian’s 2011 series “Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style,” consisting of pictures styled after sober Northern Renaissance paintings and shot inside airplane bathrooms—including headdresses fashioned from … READ ON


Cauleen Smith

Center for Contemporary Art & Culture

December 2016

For those finding it difficult to see beyond a post-election haze, this show’s kaleidoscope of talismans, filmed utopias, and jazz sounds offers a welcome apparition. A room-size installation, titled Asterisms, 2016, is the most ambitious … READ ON


Yoshua Okón


November 2016

The dark heart of “Miasma” is the ten-minute video (all works titled Miasma and dated 2016) Yoshua Okón developed––along with sculptures and drawings for this living-room space located in a state associated with more than its fair share of … READ ON


Tammie Rubin

de stijl | PODIUM FOR ART

November 2016

Millions fled Jim Crow South during the Great Migration, yet the disproportionate abuse of black bodies continues, as does hope for its end. Prompted by Black Lives Matter, we lament institutionalized injustices even as we venerate our first… READ ON


Mai-Thu Perret

Nasher Sculpture Center

May 2016

One’s first glimpse of this small yet powerful exhibition—an installation of eight life-size female fighters, a ceramic dog, an enormous Rorschach-like painting, and two oversize sculptural eyes—is through a glass wall that Mai-Thu Perret … READ ON


“Strange Pilgrims”

The Contemporary Austin | Jones Center

November 2015

Circa 1968, amid the Cold War’s existential crises and worldwide student protests against institutionalized repression and violence, artists challenged the hegemony of autonomous objects with conceptual works that exposed the role of embodied… READ ON


Michael Smith

Lora Reynolds Gallery

October 2015

The fulcrum of Michael Smith’s newest body of work is an intriguing twenty-minute video that, like the larger project it is part of, is titled Excuse Me!?! . . . I’m Looking for the “Fountain of Youth.” Produced with collaborators and subtitled… READ ON