Kathleen Ditzig

A Star Is Born

Singapore Art Week

February 2018 SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE ART WEEK, or SAW, began in 2013 as an attempt to create hype around a young art fair. State organs—the National Arts Council, the Economic Development Board, and the Singapore Tourism Board—rallied local arts organizations by … READ ON


“Double Vision”

NUS Museum, National University of Singapore

July 2016

There is a silence around hegemony—a lack of diverse voices, born not of subaltern complicity, but of structural acceptance and, sometimes, forgetfulness. It is thus no surprise, in the global theater of art and film festivals, where hegemonic… READ ON


Charles Lim Yi Yong

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore

May 2016

The culmination of Charles Lim’s research since 2005 and the most comprehensive in a series of exhibitions, “SEA STATE” is an exhaustive lens through which a practice that seeks to understand national borders not through land but through the… READ ON


“A Fact Has No Appearance: Art Beyond the Object”

National Gallery Singapore

May 2016

Each of the three artists here is a maverick in his respective art scene: Redza Piyadasa, in 1972, created The Great Malaysia Landscape, the first image to deconstruct landscape painting in Malaysia; Johnny Manahan was the first artist in … READ ON


“A Luxury We Cannot Afford”

Para Site

November 2015

The group exhibition “A Luxury We Cannot Afford” provides a rare survey of art inspired by Singapore. The title is a quote from a 1968 speech by former Singaporean prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, speaking about the role of arts in the then-fledging… READ ON