Kim Beil

Sean McFarland

Casemore Kirkeby

October 2017

Sean McFarland treads lightly through the history of Western landscape photography. In this exhibition, “Echo,” he utilizes the familiar iconography of mountains and waterfalls, but his treatment undermines the presumptions of truth, power,… READ ON


Diana Al-Hadid

San Jose Museum of Art

July 2017

Under a barrel-vaulted skylight, Diana Al-Hadid’s monumental sculpture Nolli’s Orders, 2012, glistens as if wet, a tiered fountain’s downward currents frozen into stalactites. Reclining on fragile palafittes are casts of human models, their… READ ON


Toyin Ojih Odutola

Museum of the African Diaspora

March 2017

The nearly life-size pastel, pencil, and charcoal drawings in Toyin Ojih Odutola’s exhibition ostensibly offer a privileged look at the private lives of an aristocratic African family. The subjects’ nonchalance, combined with the artist’s … READ ON


Sohei Nishino

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA)

December 2016

Each of Sohei Nishino’s photographic collages is a record of the artist’s interaction with a city. He spends weeks photographing on the streets and seeking out high vantage points from buildings or parks. Then he prints contact sheets, cuts… READ ON


“Of Many Minds”


September 2016

The work on view in “Of Many Minds” gives new life to what photography tends to render dead or unchanging. Even as the three artists appropriate historic photographic techniques, there is a sense of the future in their work, albeit one … READ ON


Lauren Marsolier and Rachelle Bussières

Robert Koch Gallery

July 2016

Lauren Marsolier’s photographs are unreal. Or perhaps too real. The LA-based artist deconstructs and then reassembles photographs of various places—including industrial sites, gardens, roads, and office parks—to create fictive places. The … READ ON


“New Material”

Casemore Kirkeby

June 2016

In photography, “material” can refer to a picture’s content and to the physicality of the photograph itself. The eight artists in this ambitious group show address both uses of the word. Following the Getty Center’s survey last winter of … READ ON