Louisa Elderton

Holly Hendry

Arratia Beer

October 2017

The body has long been a subject of artistic investigation, from Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical studies or Rembrandt’s paintings of autopsies to Alina Szapocznikow’s sensually corporeal sculptures of limbs and lips and Sarah Lucas’s 2009–2010… READ ON


Ed Clark

Weiss Berlin

September 2017

Maybe you’ve heard of Ed Clark, but even if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat with this exhibition. Though a part of the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1950s and an early adopter of working with shaped canvases, Clark—who was born … READ ON


First Time’s a Charm

The 1st Art Berlin

September 2017 BERLIN

BERLIN IS IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE, both seasonal and structural. Seasonal because a summer of torrential rain has finally given way to the blue skies and orange hues of autumn, and structural because, as Forbes said earlier this year, Berlin… READ ON


“From the Aesthetic of Administration”


September 2017

How do you envisage the aesthetics of administration? Early morning light, a wood-veneer desk, perhaps tea in a chipped mug? Conceptual artist Joshua Schwebel seeks to examine art from a structural perspective for this exhibition, which could… READ ON


Julia’s Child

The 10th anniversary of the Julia Stoschek Collection

June 2017 BERLIN

SOMETIMES THE UNIVERSE throws you a curveball. Like at the ten-year anniversary exhibition of the Julia Stoschek Collection in Düsseldorf, where, standing in front of Ed Atkins and Simon Thompson’s SKY NEWS LIVE, a gripping newsfeed depicted… READ ON


Sarah Sze

Copenhagen Contemporary

June 2017

American artist Sarah Sze’s immersive installation Timekeeper, 2016, renders time as a relative element that can be manipulated, layered, stalled, stretched, and compressed. You wander through what could be a mad scientist’s den, which takes… READ ON


Berlin Blitz

The 2017 Gallery Weekend Berlin

May 2017 BERLIN

AT THE START OF Gallery Weekend Berlin late last month, I found myself sprinting through the streets of Neukölln. This might come as no surprise—after all, we’re in the middle of 2017’s art marathon. But this was different, and having run … READ ON


Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg

Lisson Gallery | London

April 2017

References to sex pervade the culture, yet the intricacies of sexuality are deeply private. With their current exhibition here, “Who Am I to Judge, or, It Must be Something Delicious,” Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg upend this space with a… READ ON


Quarter Pounder

The 25th anniversary of the Kunst-Werke

December 2016 BERLIN

YOU WOULD BE HARD-PRESSED to find anyone who dresses up in Berlin—a heel over two inches, a shade that isn’t some variation of black. So the fundraiser gala a fortnight back to mark twenty-five years of Berlin’s Kunst-Werke Institute for … READ ON


“The Others”


December 2016

With this curatorial presentation, after having been selected to curate the 2017 Istanbul Biennial, Elmgreen & Dragset are cementing their identity as artist-curators. Occupying a former Catholic church, the exhibition directly responds to … READ ON