Marta Silvi

Mircea Cantor

Fondazione Giuliani

November 2017

A charged olfactory environment meets visitors to Mircea Cantor’s latest show. The perfume of Aleppo soap fills one’s nostrils: a unique smell, indelible for those who have walked at least once through Syrian souks.  In addition to the soap,… READ ON


Domenico Mangano and Marieke van Rooy

Nomas Foundation

June 2017

In the 1970s, the Dutch town of Den Dolder embarked on an experimental attempt at communal living known as “dilation,” whereby psychiatric patients find healing and freedom by residing side by side with healthier people. In this show, organized… READ ON


Krištof Kintera

Collezione Maramotti

May 2017

Exhibitions of such a high caliber are rare. Marking the decade that’s passed since the Collezione Maramotti opened its spaces to the public, Czech artist Krištof Kintera has created a hymn of sorts to humanity’s abilities, the “systematic … READ ON


Athena Papadopoulos


April 2017

Crossing the threshold of the space, viewers are wooed by an enveloping atmosphere of red and pink. Part of the show’s title, the term “Belladonna” has connotations as numerous as the properties that characterize the homonymous plant: It can… READ ON


Gina Folly

Ermes-Ermes | Vienna

March 2017

Gina Folly’s latest, uncanny exhibition, “I want you to live in my city,” is a simple but evocative show that suits this gallery’s new space, a former stable in the courtyard of a prestigious building. Here, Folly produces an intimate … READ ON


Duncan Campbell

WIELS Contemporary Art Centre

March 2017

Irish by birth but Scottish by choice, Duncan Campbell investigates reality with the help of popular contemporary strategies, using found footage, archival material, and original video. In 2014, he won the prestigious Turner Prize, when Dirk… READ ON


Elisabetta Benassi


February 2017

“In the back of the car, the bronze shells of two tortoises emerge from a uniform layer of fresh earth.”  A blue Ford station wagon, a typical 1970s model, appears clumsily parked in the courtyard near the gallery’s entrance. In the back of… READ ON


Joan Jonas

Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo

January 2017

The dramatic feel of the 2015 Venice Biennale US pavilion, featuring work by Joan Jonas and titled “They Come to Us Without a Word,” is woven through the artist’s third solo exhibition at this gallery. Viewers find themselves placed within … READ ON


Eugenio Tibaldi

Museo Ettore Fico

January 2017

Eugenio Tibaldi is an anomalous migrant. Born in Piedmont, he moved to the outskirts of Naples to acquaint himself with what he saw as the “most plastic and mobile” region of Italy. His work often favors so-called peripheral zones: places of… READ ON


Rome Quadriennale

Palazzo Delle Esposizioni

December 2016

The sixteenth edition of the Rome Quadriennale responds to strong expectations with energy in kind. With eleven curators, ten exhibition projects, ninety-nine artists, and 150 works, the show features a title, “Altri tempi, altri miti” (Other… READ ON