Max L. Feldman

Sophie Reinhold

Sophie Tappeiner

December 2017

Surpassing her previous exhibitions’ somber-toned geometricism, “Exchange of Vacuums” marks Berliner Sophie Reinhold’s progress, with an expanded painterly vocabulary of reenergized brushstrokes and grimier color combinations that neither … READ ON


“Threads Left Dangling, Veiled in Ink”

Galerie Emanuel Layr | Vienna

October 2017

This exhibition, curated by Béatrice Gross, assesses the relationship between text and image in contemporary art. The mysterious collective Slavs and Tatars’ Eurasian patterns, Ellie Ga’s video archaeology, Robert Stadler’s sculptural … READ ON


Eduard Angeli


May 2017

Silent space is the dominant theme in this retrospective of paintings by Austrian artist Eduard Angeli. In works from his early desertscapes—For a Great Purpose, 1973, and Fire, 1977—to his cityscapes of the late 1990s, he invites us to see… READ ON