Meg Whiteford

Elisabeth Wild


November 2017

The works shown here from Elisabeth Wild’s ongoing “Fantasías” series, all untitled and 2017, are collaged abstractions of cityscapes, skyscrapers, bridges, and still lifes. Each is no larger than one of the magazine pages from which she most… READ ON


Sowon Kwon

Full Haus

October 2017

Sowon Kwon’s current exhibition highlights the importance of punctuation in successful communication. For example: the comma, that curlicue of the sentence, was invented to accommodate written language to the process of reading out loud. The… READ ON


Bernadette Corporation

House of Gaga | Los Angeles

June 2017

The three most common ways to serve in beer pong are the arc, the fastball, and the bounce shot. While the arc is the most efficient at clean entry, the fastball (or kamikaze shot) is an effective technique for wiping out multiple cups at a… READ ON


Young Joon Kwak

Commonwealth and Council

May 2017

In ancient Greece, the gods were worshipped via heaps of rocks left on the sides of roads. These rocks were anointed with oil and adorned with wreaths to act as wards against evil. Perhaps desiring a hint of the human in their divine icons,… READ ON


“I can call this progress to halt”

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

March 2017

What is the role of the visual in political turmoil—to be propaganda, or a history lesson? Is it an intermediary between perpetrator and victim, or does it serve as a reminder of the past persisting in the present? The videos, images, … READ ON


Blair Saxon-Hill


January 2017

To be common is to be many things: popular or plentiful, lowbrow or uncivilized, a thing which two or more people can share, an icebreaker. In Blair Saxon-Hill’s exhibition, visitors are welcomed by a theatrical gathering of characters just… READ ON


“We the People”


January 2017

Usually a group show leaves one struggling for a narrative thread, but the humps, lumps, bumps, butts, dicks, and boobs that make up the work in “We the People” are right at home in the realm of plotless exhibitions. A benefit for the National… READ ON


Harry Dodge

Armory Center for the Arts

October 2016

A cyborg, a poodle, and an unassembled IKEA bookshelf walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “Let me guess, lost the instructions?” The cyborg says, “This DIY mess is bullshit. Can’t we come up with a more efficient and tidy manner in which to… READ ON


Stanya Kahn

The Pit: Exhibitions & Editions

September 2016

The Earth is round: a hopeful curve, a just-around-the-corner, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, what-goes-around-comes-around sort of shape. Loops, circles, and patterns attempt to assuage the panic of “Is this all there is? This rude heap? … READ ON


“3 Women”

the Landing

August 2016

As traditions pass through generations, forms and functions change, but what develops is heritage. It may start with learning a skill: weaving, for instance. With time, practice, and technological and cultural advancements, skills can render… READ ON