Mitch Speed

Gwenn Thomas


December 2017

To walk the city after sundown is to experience vicarious warmth; glowing windows signify—rightly or not—warm interiors, full tables, and hospitable families. Threading a line between sentimentality and analytic detachment, Gwenn Thomas’s … READ ON


Wiebke Siem

Esther Schipper

December 2017

Celery sticks, green beans, vibrant lemons, rotund tomatoes: All come to mind when one thinks through Wiebke Siem’s exhibition “Damenskulptur (Lady Sculpture).” Neither fruits nor vegetables actually appear in the German artist’s seven … READ ON


Rodrigo Hernández


October 2017

Where is this beloved Eva, whose name is incorporated into the title for Rodrigo Hernández’s current exhibition and serves as the namesake for each work within it? She is in the past: a onetime lover of Picasso, who inscribed her name on a … READ ON


Caleb Considine

Galerie Buchholz | Berlin

July 2017

There’s something unsettling about freshly made, nearly Photorealist paintings in a contemporary art gallery. These days, it seems a truism that such painstaking renderings risk artistic obsolescence, if not cultural conservatism. Caleb … READ ON


Rebecca Morris

Galerie Barbara Weiss

June 2017

Rebecca Morris’s new works are dangerously close to being feel-good kitsch, only to evade that fate by the skin of their proverbial teeth. Each of the five large paintings in this show is composed of fragmentary shapes cobbled into offhand … READ ON


Nickolaus Typaldos

Marvin Gardens

April 2017

Nickolaus Typaldos’s current exhibition evokes a future time, in which synthetic objects have become petrified along with their organic counterparts. In this small gallery, the artist has hung four sculptures that, cast from resin and aluminum,… READ ON


Adrian Piper

Hamburger Bahnhof

April 2017

When speaking with former residents of East Germany, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of deceit, such as family and friends spying on one another in service to the state. Given that history, knotty questions are raised when an American … READ ON


Émilie Pitoiset


April 2017

Émilie Pitoiset’s exhibition hyperbolizes the truism that deciding what to keep out of art is as important as deciding what to put in. Here, absence becomes protagonist. To this end, the French artist has combined ready-made objects—namely … READ ON


Camilla Steinum

Soy Capitán

March 2017

Art and its benefactors have long been backed by the labor of working-class people—from those who produce canvases and pigments to those who schlep crates packed with million-dollar paintings. In her exhibition “In Spite of Chores,” Camilla… READ ON


John Smith

Tanya Leighton

February 2017

In 2010, John Smith’s 1976 black-and-white film The Girl Chewing Gum was included in the Berlin Biennale as an installation in a storefront space a few steps from the city square of Oranienplatz, endlessly crisscrossed by residents and … READ ON