Naomi Lev

Dana Yoeli

Dana Yoeli discusses her show at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

January 2018

 Dana Yoeli is an Israeli artist based in Tel Aviv. Her current solo show at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art showcases her project Olympia, 2017, which extends her explorations into architecture, Israeli mythologies, nostalgia, … READ ON


Elia Alba

The 8th Floor

October 2017

The sixty individual portraits of nonwhite artists taken by Elia Alba for her current exhibition here, titled “The Supper Club,” are mostly of people she came to know through a series of dinner parties she organizes. Topics surrounding race,… READ ON


Hadassa Goldvicht

Meislin Projects

July 2017

In 2013, artist Hadassa Goldvicht was invited to participate as an artist-in-residence at Beit Venezia, a Jewish cultural foundation in Venice established to celebrate five hundred years of the diaspora’s existence in the city. Since then, … READ ON


Etti Abergel

Bar David Museum for Jewish Art and Judaica

July 2017

For nearly four decades, Etti Abergel has been investigating and expressing a lineage of exile: Her parents, who were born in Morocco and fled to Israel in the late 1940s and 1950s, have struggled with their new location and identity. A sense… READ ON


“Evidentiary Realism”

Fridman Gallery

March 2017

“Evidentiary Realism,” the title of this exhibition, is a term coined by its curator, Paolo Cirio. It refers to art that, in his words, “portrays and reveals evidence from complex social systems.” The works in this fourteen-person show heighten… READ ON


Candy Shop


October 2016 VIENNA

ON FRIDAY MORNING, everyone arrived utterly exhausted—yet somehow still intact. “In Vienna we live as people aspire to: We drink mineral water from tap, we swim in drinking-water-quality lakes, and we don’t have to talk about organic, because… READ ON


“The Kids Want Communism”

Museums of Bat Yam (MobY)

September 2016

This yearlong three-part show offers an alternative for future generations—its thesis bluntly states that communism is alive and kicking and that it is the solution for contemporary universal matters. Focusing on past events as well as present… READ ON


Dor Guez

James Gallery, CUNY Graduate Center

April 2016

Created by Dor Guez in 2009, “The Christian Palestinian Archive” invites the titular community to scan their family photographs, in an attempt to trace their histories and journeys. As part of this project, fourteen black-and-white photos … READ ON


Roee Rosen

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

April 2016

Roee Rosen has adopted alter egos and created fictional biographies throughout his thirty-year career. His retrospective “Group Exhibition” presents drawings, paintings, text, and film authored by his different personas. The works are filled… READ ON


Lior Shvil

Lior Shvil discusses his solo show in New York and performances for Performa 15

November 2015

“PROTOCOLS,” Lior Shvil’s exhibition in New York, features a large-scale installation inspired by military counterinsurgency training courses as well as two performances. As part of by Performa 15, events will be held on November 14 and … READ ON