Rahel Aima

Abir Karmakar

Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke

February 2018

“Home is so sad,” Philip Larkin wrote in 1958. “It stays as it was left, / Shaped to the comfort of the last to go / As if to win them back.” The large-scale oil paintings in Abir Karmakar’s exhibition “Displacement” capture the timbre of … READ ON


On the Ground: Dubai

December 2017

DO YOU REMEMBER THE DIALUP HANDSHAKE? Numbers being punched, assorted squeal-y gurgling, a series of high and low tones, and then the extended white noise? Dubai’s past decade of overtures towards the international art world felt a lot like… READ ON


“Artist Run New York: The Seventies”

Jean-Paul Najar Foundation

May 2017

America has never been hard to see in the Gulf, but until recently, its artists have been. Save for the odd institutional retrospective of works from overseas, Dubai’s art scene has mostly been dominated by the regional and the contemporary.… READ ON


Real Surreal

The 11th Art Dubai

March 2017 DUBAI

“IT’S SOMEWHERE BETWEEN a craft fair and gun show. Doesn’t it feel that way?” an artist observed, watching VIPs gamely shuffling to lackluster beats at the after party for Art Dubai’s Tuesday preview. The cash bar left many reminiscing about… READ ON


Sophia Al-Maria

The Third Line

March 2017

In Sophia Al-Maria’s exhibition “EVERYTHING MUST GO,” the Gulf is presented not as a poreless luxury or futurist rendering, but rather as a teeming hypermarket. The artist mines a territory of frenzied consumerism similar to that depicted in… READ ON


Raja’a Khalid

Grey Noise

December 2016

A sharp intimacy suffuses Dubai-based Pakistani artist Raja’a Khalid’s show like the warmth of late afternoon sunlight. Reflections bounce off the iridescent automotive-paint-coated panels of High Noon (all works 2016), where tangerine gives… READ ON