Sara R. Yazdani

Matias Faldbakken

Astrup Fearnley Museet

October 2017

In Matias Faldbakken’s latest exhibition of sculptures, paintings, and installations, a speculative future universe—where the virtual world is impossible to distinguish from the real—is offered. The simulated perhaps isn’t what one might … READ ON


Karl Larsson


April 2017

In this exhibition––consisting of a large number of mixed-media and plaster sculptures as well as framed silk-screen prints on plaster overlaid with laser printing––Karl Larsson suggests that every object is always in a state of transformation.… READ ON


Benjamin Crotty


November 2016

Consider a screen showing what appear to be DIY recordings of military life. The seven projected vignettes each give a short glimpse into the life of war as seen through the lens of a 16-mm camera: military vehicles camouflaged in the Vietnamese… READ ON


Wolfgang Tillmans

Galerie Buchholz | Berlin

May 2016

Wolfgang Tillmans’s latest exhibition—consisting of a few more recent table displays from his series “Truth Study Center,” 2005–, and photographs shown in a range of sizes, some framed, others not—presents images of corridors, flora, dismantled… READ ON


“Art Belongs to Those Who See It”

The Vigeland Museum

November 2015

Essential to the latest iteration of the Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, “Art Belongs to Those Who See It,” is the mutability of the works. In a vibrant juxtaposition with the historical sculptures of Gustav Vigeland in this museum, the … READ ON