Simone Krug

Gary Simmons

Regen Projects

December 2017

Gary Simmons depicts sites of movement as static objects, fixating on the hard truths and memories that emerge in moments of pause. Smudged white chalky titles of early silent picture shows, talkies, and names of yesteryear’s famous African… READ ON


Julia Feyrer


September 2017

Body contorted and crouched, one marvels at Julia Feyrer’s vivid dioramic sculptures, low-lying stacks of quotidian odds and ends sandwiched between mirror and bright glass. Viewed from above, the series of works that comprise her installation… READ ON


Milano Chow, Ann Greene Kelly, Daniel Rios Rodriguez

Michael Benevento

July 2017

Slumped over a table, a mysterious figure hidden behind a wide architectural facade peers out from an arched window. Milano Chow’s painstakingly rendered graphite drawings are meticulous studies of friezes, cornices, balustrades, and striated… READ ON


Rosha Yaghmai

Kayne Griffin Corcoran

June 2017

This calls for rose-tinted glasses. Rosha Yaghmai’s enchanting exhibition consists of a collection of objects that radiate mauve, periwinkle, and lilac. The assembled furniture—benches, curtains, lamp-like structures—appear still, a carefully… READ ON


Sam Durant

Blum & Poe | Los Angeles

January 2017

For this exhibition, Sam Durant reveals the palimpsests in America’s painful racial history. Walden Pond, made famous by Henry David Thoreau, and the surrounding area of Concord, Massachusetts, are here repopulated with ghosts of the colonial… READ ON


Lisa Williamson


November 2016

Lisa Williamson’s huge aluminum canvases loom, droop, fold, and swell. Initially flat sheets affixed to the wall, they bulge at the corners or flop over at the top. Shy and reclusive as they retract toward the wall, they still extend a limb… READ ON


Jonas Lund

Steve Turner

September 2016

Coach always said to keep your eye on the ball. But how can you when the fans are cheering, the spotlights are glaring—all those sensory diversions gyrating before you? As a site of spectacle, the sports arena is not unlike the gallery. Jonas… READ ON


Julie Beaufils

Overduin & Co.

May 2016

Julie Beaufils’s paintings and ink drawings inject levity into the seriousness of art viewing. Blurring her subjects with paint smudges and wryness, the Paris-born, Los Angeles–based artist toys with distortion, twisting her images into … READ ON