Todd Meyers

“Scraggly Beard Grandpa”

Capsule Shanghai

November 2017

The titular grandpa is missing from the works gathered in this group show of twelve artists who spent time working at the art collective and gallery space PRACTICE in New York from 2015 to 2016. Curated by PRACTICE founders Wang Xu and Cici… READ ON


Daniel Spoerri

Galerie Anne Barrault

October 2017

Over the past fifty years or so, Daniel Spoerri has buried tiny clues about his aesthetic commitments in the scattered miscellanea of his work. But it would be a mistake to think that assemblages such as Untitled, 3 octobre 2015, 2015, from… READ ON


Lu Song

Don Gallery West Bund Space | 东画廊西岸空间

May 2017

Eleven paintings of tangled roots and palm fronds inaugurate the gallery’s new space in West Bund, Shanghai. This is Lu Song’s heart of darkness. In each of these works secrets and threats are concealed, and in the murky spaces separating … READ ON


“Energy Field”

Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA Shanghai) | 上海当代艺术馆

March 2017

In “Energy Plan for the Western Man,” 1979, Joseph Beuys spoke of the “chemical reactions, fermentation, color changes, decay, [and] drying up” that characterize his work. “Energy Field,” a transmedia exhibition at MOCA Shanghai, tests Beuys’s… READ ON


Ni Jun

Shanghai Gallery of Art | 沪申画廊

December 2016

Ni Jun’s “Deep Blue Sea” opts for bilgewater over Condé Nast vistas. The exhibition is filled with mostly small, nautically themed paintings lashed to the gallery’s pillars with twine and wire. A few paintings are scattered randomly atop … READ ON



Yuz Museum, Shanghai | 余徳耀美术馆

September 2016

“Overpop” is a curatorial collaboration between Jeffrey Deitch and Karen Smith featuring works from seventeen artists who define a “new contemporary aesthetic” (as Deitch calls it) across two distinctive artmaking contexts. The curators … READ ON


Jiang Pengyi

ShanghART H-Space | 香格纳画廊H空间

September 2016

A simple vertical line is the motif that ties together the pieces of Jiang Pengyi’s parallel series “Grace” and “Trace,” both 2014–16. The latter, housed in one building of this venue, comprises thirty-six small Polaroid and emulsion prints—some… READ ON


Class Struggle

August 2016

THIS YEAR I WENT TO SUMMER SCHOOL. For an hour or so each day I escaped the business of life to indulge in the gleeful asceticism of online education. I let waves of learned, prerecorded prose wash over me. I lurked; I listened. My professor… READ ON