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Today is:January 18, 2018
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Thursday, January 18

  • Galleries

  • Bb

    427A N. Eutaw Street  / +12166503388 /
    By appointment only

    Bb is a collectively operated project space focused on interdisciplinary events and exhibitions.
  • C. Grimaldis Gallery

    523 North Charles Street  / +14105391080 /
    Tue - Sat 10am to 5:30pm

    Est. 1977, C. Grimaldis Gallery specializes in postwar American and European art, contemporary sculpture and photography.
  • Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture at UMBC

    1000 Hilltop Circle, Fine Arts Building, 105  / +14104553188 /
    Mon - Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun 12pm to 5pm

    The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture and its programs serve as a forum for exploring the social and aesthetic issues of the day.
  • Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University

    7700 Osler Dr  / +14107042787 /
    Tue - Sat 11am to 4pm

    Towson University Center for the Arts Gallery specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.
  • First Continent

    500 West Franklin Street /
    By appointment only

    Please contact gallery for more information.
  • Goya Contemporary

    3000 Chestnut Avenue, Mill Centre #214  / +14103662001 /
    Tue - Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat 12pm to 5pm

    Goya Contemporary specializes in contemporary art. Please contact gallery for more information.

    1715 N. Calvert Street  / +17185419672 /
    Wed 5pm to 7pm, Fri 1pm to 5pm

    Phantom Limb Curated by Thomas Marquet
    July 22 Through September 2, 2017
    Genesis Belanger | John Bohl | Gina Dawson | Nicole Dyer
  • Open Space Baltimore

    512 W. Franklin Street  / +12166503388 /
    Sat 1pm to 5pm

    Open Space is an artist-run space located in Baltimore's Downtown neighborhood.
  • Platform Gallery

    116 West Mulberry Street /
    Sat 11am to 5pm

    Platform Gallery specializes in contemporary art.
  • Rowhouse Project

    2640 Huntingdon Avenue /
    By appointment only

    Rowhouse Project is a non-commercial exhibition space.
  • Springsteen

    502 West Franklin St  / +14107368575 /
    Sat 1pm to 5pm

    Springsteen is an artist-run gallery dedicated to showing newly established and critically engaged artists.
  • Terrault Contemporary

    218 W. Saratoga St., 3rd Floor  / +14435401234 /
    Sat 1pm to 5pm

    Terrault Contemporary is an artist-run, multi-use arts venue that facilitates muti-disciplinary, innovative exhibitions and programming.
  • Museums

  • Baltimore Museum of Art

    10 Art Museum Drive  / +14435731700 /
    Wed - Fri 10am to 5pm, Sat - Sun 11am to 6pm


    Oct 25, 2015 - Jul 29, 2018

    The inaugural exhibition for the new Center for People & Art brings together 37 works from across the BMA’s collection.

  • The Contemporary

    200 North Howard Street, Hutzler Brothers Palace Building  / 4433888980 /
    Thu - Sat 10am to 4pm

    The Contemporary is a nomadic, non-collecting art museum in Baltimore, Maryland.